22nd-24th November 2019

Grabouw Valley


(sneak peak!)


Roll out to roll in - Time to land and connect. A "Special" welcome show to unite the tribe, and some crazy additions to shake you out of the city and into the best weekend of your life.


So many mind blowing, high flying, crazy shakin' activities, workshops and goodness, you may just explode from JOY!


We slow it down a  bit with some rejuvenation sessions, all culminating with the  No Danger's AMAZING RACE and famous prize giving, to finally come together in order to prepare to head back to the real world

Joy Providers

Have something to share, teach, bring to the party? We need you! Without you, there would be way less joy. Share your stories, skills, workshops, games, jokes.


Choose your awesome! Securing your spot to the festival entitles you to all workshops, activities, and goodness that the festival and it's joy providers have to offer!
2 activities every hour - Choose your AWESOME!




What's not to love? Learn, connect, dance, sing, music, activities, health, wellness, and all of those amazing things thrown into one melting pot of AWESOME!

Don't be sacred - Jump in - Head first into JoY!

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"We are all left feeling so inspired and refreshed and I echo the sentiments of all below, seriously one of the most amazing festivals I have ever attended and had the privilege to be a small part of!!!! VIBE FOR THE (growing!) TRIBE"

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