What's this all about?

Born out of an organisation called No Danger Diaries - Who's primary mandate it is to share JOY!
We are creating a physical platform that gathers everything positive, joyous, enriching and fun in one space.
  • We provide the platform
  • You have something you want to share and enrich the world with - Apply to be a JOY PROVIDER.
  • Or simply attend the festival and enjoy what the Joy Providers have to share.
For the 3rd time No Danger brings you a weekend of everything that makes you smile. 
We believe that breeding positivity, breeds more positivity, and "hells bells" we need that in this world. 
This weekend is about having fun, and being present to what is on offer and the joy providers have in store for you. We encourage a drug free experience out of respect for yourself and your fellow joy rockers.
Whether you come to share, or come to just take it all in, join in the joy revolution... 

What's not to love? Learn, connect, dance, sing, music, activities, health, wellness, and all of those amazing things thrown into one melting pot of AWESOME!

Don't be sacred - Jump in - Head first into JoY!

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"We are all left feeling so inspired and refreshed and I echo the sentiments of all below, seriously one of the most amazing festivals I have ever attended and had the privilege to be a small part of!!!! VIBE FOR THE (growing!) TRIBE"

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