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The No Danger Diaries Festival’s Joy Providers

The No Danger Diaries Festival is a uniquely awesome festival that centres around spreading joy and making a difference. Born out of No Danger Diaries - we’re creating a physical platform that gathers everything positive, joyous, enriching and fun in one space.

A snippet of what the festival is about:

We provide the platform

• You have something you want to share and enrich the world with (this is where the Joy Providers fit it as a vital entity at the festival)

• Or simply attend the festival and enjoy what the Joy Providers have to share

This is a weekend of everything that makes you smile. Breeding positivity breeds more positivity, and we definitely need more of that in this world.

What is a Joy Provider?

Joy Providers are the beginning and end to the No Danger Diaries Festival, without them, this festival isn’t possible. Joy Providers bring uniqueness, unity, excitement and education to the festival - no matter what it is.

If you have something to share, teach, bring to the party then you need to become a Joy Provider! Without you, there would be way less joy. Share your stories, skills, workshops, games, jokes to the attendees and create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

We have some incredible Joy Providers at this year’s festival (we still have a little space for a few more though). Let’s take a look at some of our current Joy Providers!

Meet the Joy Providers

Joy Provider 1:

Name: Claudia Uffhaus

Joy Provided: Foraging

Workshop Name: Sustainable Foraging Educational Talk

Stage: Play Pen

Joy Provider 2:

Name: Manon Colmant

Joy Provided: Kombucha Workshop

Workshop Name: Happy Culture Kombucha

Stage: Diary Den

Joy Provider 3:

Name: Iris Trombas

Joy Provided: Reiki

Workshop Name: Loka Love Space

Stage: Diary Den

Joy Provider 4:

Name: Hanli Prinsloo

Joy Provided: Breath Holding and Free Diving

Description: This workshop will teach you how to hold your breath and free dive.

Some free-divers, who swim without a snorkel or scuba gear, can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes - how incredible?!

Stage: Diary Den

Joy Provider 5:

Name: Meg Mackenzie

Joy Provided: Trail running

Stage: Play Pen

Joy Provider 6:

Name: Justin Bergeman

Joy Provided: Movement

Workshop Name: Move in any environment

Stage: Laughing Lawns

Joy Provider 7:

Name: Tamlyn Sullivan

Joy Provided: SUP Yoga

Description: They'll be providing a serene and tranquil yoga session for us to get in tune with our mind, body and soul on paddleboards in the dam!

Workshop Name: SUP Yoga

Stage: Dam

Joy Provider 8:

Name: Lanel

Joy Provided: Pop-up Theatre

Description: This Joy Provider will be showcasing art, puppetry and a big round stretch dome. You can also experience UV paint too.

Stage: Main Stage

Joy Provider 9:

Name: Secret Sunrise

Joy Provided: A Secret Sunrise energising session

Description: Secret Sunrise morning energiser getting you off on the best foot possible!

Stage: Main Stage

Joy Provider 10:

Name: Stefanie Dohrmann

Joy Provided: Joyful yoga

Description: This is a joyful- playful- smileful Yoga flow for everyone who is breathing.

Workshop Name: Joyful Yoga Flow

Stage: Laughing Lawns

Joy Provider 11:

Name: Erica Nielsen

Joy Provided: Hula Hoop Workshop

Description: This hula hooping workshop offers a fun and unique outlet of self-expression that is similar to dance, but is more accessible to ’non-dancers’ because you focus more on the prop (aka hula hoop) than on your body. During this class, you will learn to hula hoop on multiple parts of your body and discover movements that increase your heart rate and motor skills.

Ultimately, the goal of this class is to connect with others, be in the moment, and have fun!

Workshop Name: Hula Hoop Me Happy!

Stage: Laughing Lawns

Joy Provider 12:

Name: MJ Grobler

Joy Provided: Entomology

Stage: Diary Den

We’re ecstatic to see what our Joy Providers have in-store for the No Danger Diaries Festival goers! We’re confident that they’re going to take this festival to a whole other level and truly engage, teach and spread the joy!

There are some spots left open for you to become a Joy Provider, contact us for more information or simply sign up here. We can’t wait to see what you have to offer (we’re sure it’s going to be amazing!).

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What's not to love? Learn, connect, dance, sing, music, activities, health, wellness, and all of those amazing things thrown into one melting pot of AWESOME!

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"We are all left feeling so inspired and refreshed and I echo the sentiments of all below, seriously one of the most amazing festivals I have ever attended and had the privilege to be a small part of!!!! VIBE FOR THE (growing!) TRIBE"

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