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What is the No Danger Diaries Festival?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

On the foundation of spreading joy, having fun while making a difference we’re bringing back the No Danger Diaries festival!

The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others which is the basis of what we’re about. We believe that sharing joy is a fundamental necessity in today’s day and age.

We’re diving into the ins and outs of the No Danger Diaries festival so if you’re curious about we’re about, keep reading…

Who is No Danger Diaries?

No Danger Diaries was founded in 2012 by four passionate and energetic guys who are always keen to do rad activities but with the mandate of giving back at the same time. No Danger Diaries is a social enterprise - a for-profit organisation aiming to change the perception of business and the bottom line. Our bottom line is the amount of joy shared, but making it work financially, practising conscious capitalism. So our purpose is to create projects that share joy with communities and our environment.

This evolved into a living list of tasks that we outlined and set ourselves targets of executing - all with the common thread of 1) having fun 2) making a difference. This then evolved into greater projects that all shared this thread. No Danger Diaries now runs concepts including:

• No Danger Diaries - our living list

• Namaqualand Flower Festival - conscious cultural festival

• No Danger Agency - creating impactful and meaningful campaigns for brands that make a difference with the world

• Secret Sunrise - the international morning mindful movement, getting people off on the best foot for the day, promoting connection and well being.

• No Danger Diaries Festival - a platform to come together and share, skills, ideas, concepts and joy as a community, while having a damn good time.

The No Danger Diaries festival is our latest concept which will be an interactive weekend taking place Friday 22nd November - Sunday 24th November 2019.

What is the No Danger Diaries festival?

After being voted in by a loyal following, this will be the third No Danger Diaries festival and we can’t wait to share this experience with you all over again. We’re diving into everything you need to know about the festival and what you can expect from this year’s festival.

Born out of No Danger Diaries - we’re creating a physical platform that gathers everything positive, joyous, enriching and fun in one space.

What we’re about (briefly);

• We provide the platform

• You have something you want to share and enrich the world with (you can become a Joy Provider and showcase something unique and special to the attendees)

• Or simply attend the festival and enjoy what the Joy Providers have to share

This is a weekend of everything that makes you smile. We believe that breeding positivity, breeds more positivity, and "hells bells" we need that in this world.

You can take part in this festival in various ways and truly experience and share the joy from all aspects. These include;

Joy Providers

If you have something to share, teach, bring to the party then you need to become a Joy Provider! Without you, there would be way less joy. Share your stories, skills, workshops, games, jokes to the attendees and create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

If you feel like you’re ready to provide joy at this year’s festival then sign up here!


Choose your awesome! Securing your spot to the festival entitles you to all workshops, activities, and goodness that the festival and it's joy providers have to offer!

There will be two activities every hour that you can choose what you’d like to take part in. You can choose from any of the below;

• Night Trail Run

• The Craft of Mindfulness

• Free-diving Workshop

• SUP Yoga

• Making Magic

• The Art of Gardening

• Secret Sunrise

• And so much more.


If you want to help out in any way and can offer a helping hand, contact us and let us know what you can help with.

This is just a taste of what the No Danger Diaries festival is all about but keep a lookout on our social media platforms for a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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"We are all left feeling so inspired and refreshed and I echo the sentiments of all below, seriously one of the most amazing festivals I have ever attended and had the privilege to be a small part of!!!! VIBE FOR THE (growing!) TRIBE"

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