Care Taker

Ever wanted to be responsible for a space at a festival?

Make visible your love and passion to change the world?

Then welcome to being a joy...

Care takers are the people who like to be responsible for a particular area at the festival. Be it the music, the mindfulness, the joy workshop space, the welcome desk.  There are so many areas of energy at a festival to care for, and this year, we want to give anybody and everybody a chance to shine. If you want to be a stage manager or a paint workshop co-ordinator, now is your chance to sign up to be part of the core team. 
You will be expected to undergo a No Danger Induction program of Joy before you begin, and you will be a part of the inner team. The epicentre of joy. The place the entire festival gets it vibe from.
Sign up below... and welcome aboard.

What's not to love? Learn, connect, dance, sing, music, activities, health, wellness, and all of those amazing things thrown into one melting pot of AWESOME!

Don't be sacred - Jump in - Head first into JoY!

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"We are all left feeling so inspired and refreshed and I echo the sentiments of all below, seriously one of the most amazing festivals I have ever attended and had the privilege to be a small part of!!!! VIBE FOR THE (growing!) TRIBE"

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